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We’re a lifestyle brand…Salty Roar was born from creative restless, passion for surfing and pure enthusiasm for the sea. Our work is physically rooted in the Mediterranean landscape. We live for positive, seamless experiences and collaborate with people that share our values. We believe in a more sustainable future, we want to promote this change and minimize the social and environmental impact of all our processes. We are problem solvers, not deal makers. Our mission is to be deeply sustainable; we’re committed to a future that respects our planet. Our entire production chain complies with strict, forward thinking ecological and ethical standard.



Because when we know better we do better. Climate change is one of the most defining issues of our time. It’s estimated that 8 million pieces of plastic enter in the ocean every day. We exist to give consumers who care an outlet to make a Positive Impact in the world and make a strong voice because we want to be part of the solution. We design for people and planet…And Surf!



We, as a world, cannot continue putting the maximization of profits before our planet. With fashion being one of the world’s 5 most polluting industries, we at SALTYROAR pledge to always use sustainable materials in the products we create. We believe in a more sustainable future, and that’s why we’re committed to a global action plan to promote this change and minimize the social and environmental impact. Caring for our natural environment means caring for ourselves and our loved ones.



We live in world divided not only by borders but also by wealth: a world where less than 100 individuals control as much wealth as the bottom 50% of the world combined, while 663 million people lack access to life’s most basic necessity; clean water. Salty Roar plan to give a 5% of our net profits to a number of carefully vetted NGOs:

  • The Ocean Clean Up
  • 1% for the planet.
  • Etc. - Please see our page "Sustainable Initiavites" for more info.



We pledging to only partner with the most ethical of factories. We work with quality people in order to make quality products with a lower environmental and social impact. We’re committed to a future that respect our planet, so we work with supplier who guarantee great quality with a lower environmental and social impact. We sourcing high quality products that are made carefully from certified textiles, responsibly to those who make it, with environmental and ethical certification. Sustainability is more than our certifications:

  • MINDSET: ECO, ENVIROMENTAL, SOFT AND SUSTAINABLE. Care for fiber, care for water and care for planet.
  • 100% ORGANIC COTTON fibers o Deadstock materials. 
  • ECO-FAIR PRODUCTION: No use of any toxic chemicals, less water consumption compared to regular cultivation and fair working condition. 
  • LOCAL PRODUCTION: all our items are made with water base ink by hand in a local store. o Water base ink: free of chemicals harmful to the environment and certified for use in children's clothing being the least polluting and the most innocuous in their contact with the skin. 
  • FAIR TRADE: because it supports the workers who build our gear. Choosing Fair Trade, we can help change things for the better while ensuring that the people who make our gear treated with respect they deserve. We Supporting the people behind the product.
  • We Reuse and Recycle.
  • ORGANIC: Concious and socially responsible at every step of the way, in every product we create. - Animal Friendly: We do not use any skins or products sourced from animals. - Health and Safety: We ensure that our products are good for you and the environment.

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