Salty Roar FAQs

Who or what is SALTY ROAR?

We are a brand with a unique vision - we create beautiful products that affect positive change for the planet. We are privately funded and auto-financial base so that's the reason we have a limited edition and smaller catalog. We will work with pre-order for try to reduce more our impact in the planet. We’re united by one vision and dream to design a better future, so we invite everyone to join us!

We believe the power of the groups or tribes is more effective than individuals working alone to make change. 

Caring for our natural environment means caring for ourselves and our loved ones.

Who can become a part of the Salty movement?
Anyone who shares our values is welcome into our tribe. Customers, collaborators and co-creators.

Will you always focus on making basic lifestyle essentials?
This is just the beginning of the journey. We’ve started with the everyday basics as we believe that they are the perfect base. We’ll then be adding pieces through capsules and collaborations.

How are the causes you support chosen? How will you directly impact the charity?
Our philanthropy platform, offers our collective a number of ways to give back to the planet. We encourage any active involvement, including contributing time, energy or funds to pioneering individuals and organizations. We’re currently focusing on ocean plastic pollution - one of the modern world’s most pressing environmental issues according to reports and statistics from the UN and WWF. 

See our Sustainable Initiatives page for more info.

You say Salty products are almost 100% natural - what are you doing to make this 100%?
We believe that every stitch matters and have worked hard to make sure that each part of our supply chain is ethical. We go beyond sustainable fabric, to exclusively use sustainable or responsibly sourced labels, threads and packaging. We currently use natural materials such as organic cotton and natural dyes and will continue to incorporate more natural materials as we go. 

You say the collection is sustainable, is it vegan too?
Yes, our products are 100% vegan. All our fabrics are no skins, hair or feathers, no fur, leather, wool or silk.  Vegan refers to products that have been made using zero animal products or by-products. For fashion, it means not using components like leather, wool, silk, cashmere, angora, all these fibres come from animals. Plus, animal rights in the fashion industry can often be linked to broader environmental issues. Look out for PETA-certified vegan products to ensure there are no hidden animal ingredients in your clothes and accessories.

Why are your products so expensive?
We want to go away from the mass and do something different and bespoke from fiber to packaging and with forward-thinking factories and makers in Europe who treat their people to our exacting ethical standards. Our prices reflect these costs and we’re aware that they are currently out of reach for some people, however there are real reasons for this. Each product represents an inversion for the future.
Highest quality, ethical standards, natural products and invest in the future will always be our priority. 

Where do you make your clothes?
Most of our products are made in Europe to ensure our footprint is minimal. We will planified make all our production in Spain, it will be crucial for us to produce everything in one place. We chose Spain for the quality of their factories, labor law compliance, and range of factories with the latest eco certifications. It was also important for us to partner with factories and people who share our ideas and are ready to incorporate the latest and best eco innovations and sustainable processes. 

Are your production partners certified?

Yes. All our factories have several certificates: Fair Trade, Global Organic Textile Standard, BCI, etc. 

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