Salty Roar is a lifestyle brand that is produced responsibly & supports sustainable initiatives. Every time you purchase a Salty product, you are voting for products that help to improve our planet & move the industry towards a healthier future for all.

Join our movement, and wear your Salty well.

We are acutely aware that the global climate is changing and we must lower our impact on the planet to limit global warming to 1.5°C above the global pre industrial era temperatures. We are proud that Salty is taking big steps towards becoming Carbon Neutral: Our profits support the growing of more trees and forests; clean the sea and ocean; protect life...

We partner with organizations that protect the environment, especially marine habitats. This means both donating a portion of our sales and using our voice to mobilize our community and support of their cause.
As a Conscious company, it makes sense we want to keep the oceans healthy. We proudly donate a portion of sales every month to the following groups:

  • SeaTrees: By restoring, replanting and protecting coastal ecosystems around the world through our core conservation partners – SeaTrees is supporting the 17 United Nations / Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which are designed to transform our world for GOOD by 2030. Collectively, these projects reduce climate change impacts, increase biodiversity on land and in the sea, protect endangered species on land and ocean, create sustainable jobs, alleviate poverty and hunger, support education and gender equality, and more...
  • The Ocean Clean Up: is a non-profit organization, is developing advanced technologies to rid the world’s oceans of plastic.The Ocean Cleanup's team consists of more than 90 engineers, researchers, scientists and computational modelers working daily to rid the world's oceans of plastic.
  • Ecomar Fundation: a non-profit organization, aims to take care of the environment; education to achieve change, awareness raising and coastal cleaning campaigns.
  • Surfrider Foundation Europe: Surfrider is a community of everyday people who passionately protect our playground - the ocean, waves, and beaches that provide us so much enjoyment.
  • Oceana: is an international organization focused solely on oceans, dedicated to achieving measurable change by conducting specific, science-based policy campaigns with fixed deadlines and articulated goal.
  • Plastic Oceans: is an organization focused on ending the pollution of plastics in the world’s oceans.
  • 5 Gyres: 5 Gyres empowers action against the global health crisis of plastic pollution through science, art, education, and adventure.
  • Reforesta: promoting sustainable development, prioritizing the recovery of vegetation and the fight against desertification in Spain.

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